Balloon is squishy
Unlike the spines on my back
Rubber bands don’t help.

Today marks Snurffles’ first birthday! Woo! Let’s see if he can figure out how balloons work.


Love at first hedgehog
Her spines are like pink flowers
I will cuddle you!

Giant Santa hat!
Odd nose power makes me float
Oh hey there, Rudolph!

Itty-bitty fangs
That ghost is really hungry
So I’ll help him eat.

Why am I so tall?!
What magic my eyes do see!
Polka-dotted treat.

Flying like a cloud!
Safari and puffer fish!
Sleep is my favorite.

Scavenging for food
Feathery birds in water
Check out my new ride!


Little squirmy worms
Scrumptious Delicacies, yum
I can’t eat enough.

Snurffles made TONS of friends at San Diego Comic-Con!

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…Even more friends Snurffles made at San Diego Comic-Con!

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